Our company is serving in wholesale granite and marble sales area in Mersin and throughout Turkey. The quality and aesthetic solutions we make are the greatest evidence that we are a reliable company in this sector.

With 30 years of experience, the customer keeps the sincerity and satisfaction in the foreground.

Granite and marble imported from India, Italy, Brazil, Greece, Norway, China and many countries of the world offers sale as plate, plate and size product

In many countries outside of Turkey, granite sales activity is continuing.

With an annual capacity of 500,000 m2 capacity, all products work on stock basis.

With 100.000 sqm stock always keeps the identity of main warehouse constantly and serves with different sales techniques in 2 different stores.

To become a respected brand recognized in the national and international marketplace by making our pioneer in the sector and our leadership permanent.

To become one of the leading companies in the field, national and international market by applying the standards of quality management system focused on customer satisfaction in our production and after-production services.

It is committed to achieving the goals of quality policy with quality policy, environmental policy with environmental targets, health and safety targets with Occupational Health and Safety Policy and to improve them continuously and to be efficient and successful in the Integrated Management System.